SCC: Dynamic Report Scope - Shows grouping headers but no rows of data?

Matt Stewart
Matt Stewart ✭✭
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One of my Dynamic Report Scopes built in SCC is not showing any data.

It displays the grouping headers, and if i change filters the grouping headers change as if the data has changed. But the actual rows of data are not being displayed.

There is also a warning at top saying:

Not finding the rows you're looking for? Try changing the filter criteria or sort order. Reports display up to 2500 grouping and summary rows at a time, so they may be out of view.

I'm reading that as if there is more than 2500 rows it will not display the rows 2501+ or it will be on another page or something to click through. This is not the case and its actually showing zero rows.

As soon as i change the filter to something smaller it does display data. So why is the Report Scope not showing up to 2500 rows of data? This is a massive issue for my department dashboards which will be used for team meetings and such.


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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin
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    Hi @Matt Stewart

    If you have a report without grouping and summary applied, there will be a click-through at the very bottom page to allow you to navigate to the second set of 25000 rows.

    However, when grouping and summary are applied, and the report grows over 2500 rows, it will load in a collapsed summary table as you're experiencing. There currently isn't a way to expand those groups if the contents are over 2500 rows. See the note in the "tips and tricks" section of this article: Configure grouping to organize results in report builder

    You would either need to adjust your filter criteria so that the total rows are under 2500 to display groupings, or remove groupings and navigate through the report with the arrows at the bottom.