Looking for a way to capture the turnaround time for new requests


I have a scenario where we have an SLA of 24 hours. I can capture the submission time of requests with the Auto-Numbering/System Generated (Created Date). That gives me the exact Date/Time Stamp of the submission. Now the clock is ticking. However, on the backend is where I'm struggling. I tried the Record a Date automation when the Status field is updated to Completed, but that only provides a Date, so things calculate to 0 because it is less than a day turnaround generally. Now what I have in place is the Auto-Numbering/System Generated (Modified Date) field. It works with the assumption that the last change to the row is marking the Status as Complete, thus capturing the last action associated to the row. Unfortunately, if there are any other column changes to the full sheet or mass updates, that Modified Date/Time Stamp will change, thus altering the Turnaround Time calculation.

Anyone run into something similar? Any ideas to solve this? Can I get a snapshot of that Modified Date when the Status changes to Complete? Maybe I'm overlooking something very basic here.


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