Automatically email forms?


I am using forms to create a purchasing request sheet. How can I set the form to automatically be emailed to my team? I see where the person filling out the form can email it to themselves, this would be a great tool if it can always be emailed to my purchasing team so they have all the information they need in the email. I know you can set alerts once a line is changed, but I like the idea of the form itself being emailed, it would be much cleaner. Is there a way to set this? Thank you.


  • Samuel Mueller
    Samuel Mueller Overachievers

    You could set up an automation to send all the fields of the new row created when the form is submitted to a contact in a column. if you have the form setting enabled that makes you sign in to submit a form, the email of the form submitter will populate the created by column automatically, and you can run the automation to send to that contact.