@mention email notifications not sending

Hi, I have a user on my project that when she uses the @mention function in conversations, an email notification does not send to the user she mentions. We've check her personal settings and email is checked for @ mentions and sheet change notification settings is checked. Other users using the same smartsheet are not having the issue. For troubleshooting, we've unchecked her email and sheet change notification settings checkboxes and enabled again, along with cleared cache and changed browsers with the same result. Any suggestions to resolve


  • All of my Smartsheet Alerts have stopped running. The alerts are coming through to the alerts center (in Smartsheet) and via the mobile app, but not outlook. Is it possibly due to today's scheduled system maintenance?

  • the answer is a new issue reported, not an answer to the originally posted question

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Jo Lovejoy

    Notification settings are specific to each user; this means that even if you personally have @mentions enabled, that affects whether or not you receive the email, not someone else. So if the person you're notifying has adjusted their notification preferences, they may not receive the email... does that make sense?

    Can you confirm that your user is typing in the contact name correctly, and selecting them as a contact?

    See: Tag Someone With the @ Sign