Issue referencing VLOOKUP data in another formula



I have a VLOOKUP pulling in data from another sheet that will be updated on an ongoing basis. The data pulling in is the number of manufacturing days to complete an operation. The VLOOKUP function is working fine.

This is the VLOOKUP formula: =VLOOKUP([Model Series]@row, {Mfg Hours by Model Range 1}, 7, false)

Within the main sheet, I have a second formula (in a different cell) that is looking to the manufacturing start date and then adding the working days necessary to manufacture (looking to the cell with the VLOOKUP data) to then produce the completion data.

This is the formula: =WORKDAY([Mfg Start Date]@row, [Mfg Days Lookup]@row)

The problem is that the WORDAY formula is kicking out this error: #INVALID DATA TYPE

All columns have the same data type in column properties. If I add an IFERROR function before the WORKDAY formula, it kicks out the IFERROR result every time.

Is the issue linking to VLOOKUP data? Is there a better way to do this?


Madeline Weitz | Chief Operating Officer

Newton Crouch Co., LLC



  • Megan Ryzenga

    Hello Madeline!

    The syntax for WORKDAY is the following: =WORKDAY(date, num_days, [holidays]).

    date = date column-type reference

    num_days = text/number column-type reference

    The column that has the VLOOKUP formula should be a text/number column-type, and the column that has the WORKDAY function should be a date column-type. You mentioned that all columns used with your formulas are date column-types--can you see if updating the column with your VLOOKUP formula to a text/number column-type solves this issue?

    Megan Ryzenga | Medical Education Analyst

    3M Health Care, Medical Solutions Division


  • Madeline Weitz

    @Megan Ryzenga Updated as you suggested, but, unfortunately, I am still getting the same error.

    Madeline Weitz | Chief Operating Officer

    Newton Crouch Co., LLC

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