Pull cell value based on matching value in two sheets

Hello all, hoping someone can help me with this question. I need to pull a cell value into Sheet 2 based on a shared cell value in Sheets 1 and 2. Specifically, I need to pull the value from the MIN Score column in Sheet 1 to the row with a matching COSMOID in Sheet 2.

For example, Client A has COSMO ID 123456 and a MIN Score of 30. I need Client A’s MIN Score to pull automatically into Sheet 2 based on matching COSMO ID 123456, which is also listed in Sheet 2. The COSMO ID is needed to make sure the right MIN Score is associated with the right client.

Maybe-helpful screenshots below. The green MIN column in Sheet 2 would hopefully have the same value as Sheet 1 if COSMO IDs matched.


I’m guessing some combo of INDEX and MATCH is needed here, but so far I can’t quite figure out how to make it give the result I need. Any guidance is appreciated, thanks in advance for your time! 


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