iframe will not scroll on ipad?

Kimbh ✭✭✭✭

Hi, when I embed the iframe of a sheet in a website, on an ipad, you can't scroll the sheet right - left or up - down. Anyone else had the issue and know how to fix it?

Thank you



  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @Kimbh

    Do you have any other iframe content embedded in this website? I would be interested to know if you can scroll on those items and if it's specifically a Smartsheet iframe issue.

    I would first check to see if any of your browser extensions on your iPad could be causing the issue (see: Troubleshoot issues caused by browser extensions).

    If this hasn't helped, I would suggest reaching out to Smartsheet Support with a screen recording of the issue, identifying what iOS version you're on, how you're embedding the sheet, what website you're embedding it on, if this happens with other iframe content, and if you see the same issue when accessing the website via a computer.



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