Can I auto-populate fields in a form based on a drop down menu?


If I have a selection in column 1 can column 2 be populated based on vlookup in a form.


  • Garrett Henke
    Garrett Henke ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Naila Siddique are you wanting the lookup value to populate within the form or within the sheet? Forms are static pages so they will not be dynamically updated with vlookup or index/match formulas as you fill them out.

    However if you want to create helper columns for each value you could use form logic to build out something similar. For example I built a form where the user selects the division breakout, based on their selection only cost codes for that specific department are displayed.

    So I have a dropdown column named Division which has 4 options

    • Division A
    • Division B
    • Division C
    • Division D

    I then have a cost code column with dropdown options that include only the cost codes for that specific department. So if you select Division A then the form logic will show Division A Cost Code dropdown options.

    Hope this helps, and if you need further explanation let me know