Modify criteria for Schedule Health



I am trying to modify the criteria for the Schedule Health using the Project Management Office Template (

Currently it calculates the health based off of the actual and target start/end dates, however, I'd like for it to also factor in the % complete. For example, say a resource is "done" with their task, the status is complete and the dates align, however, the task is actually only 50% done. Based on the 50% completion, it should be yellow.

Additionally, I'd like to add blue for complete. I see how to add this in the column, but I'm unclear where to define this criteria to designate what each health status should mean.

Thank you!


  • Nichole F.

    If you are a licensed user and/or sheet admin to the sheet you can edit the formula to include the %complete ranges for each color. You can also edit the column properties and change the default RYG to RYGB.

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