Using a fillable PDF as a form to fill in Smartsheet


I am looking for ways to use fillable PDF (attached) as a form to fill out Smartsheet.

Similar to how a form is generated in Smartsheet, is there a way for a fillable PDF to be used as a "custom form?"

Each field can be defined and mapped beforehand to the corresponding smartsheet and "submit" would update the sheet.

Any lead would be greatly appreciated!



  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin


    There currently isn't a way for a fillable PDF to map into Smartsheet directly and automatically add data to rows. Document Builder can take rows from Smartsheet and automatically fill a PDF document with that content, but it doesn't do the opposite at this time.

    There may be third party applications that could help map this data for you, such as Zapier. Please submit your enhancement request to the Product team through this form, here!