When will you be able to add start and finish times to your project in smartsheet?

I have seen some comments from smartsheet that they are working on this, any idea when this will be ready to use? I need to be able to show times for project tasks and not just dates, and have it change on the gantt chart when the hours/duration of the task is changed


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @JM1

    I don't have an ETA for when or if Time will be available as a value as Start and End dates in a Project Plan, but you can currently set durations of tasks based on Hours, see: Duration columns in Project Sheets

    If you have a moment, it would be helpful for the Product team to know more about your specific use-case and why times would be important for your project. Please let them know about your request by filling in this form, here.



  • sckelly
    sckelly ✭✭

    Here's a use case. Large scale system deployments are time-sensitive. Having a start TIME (not date) is key when it comes to calculating outage duration, task duration, when to start a particular task, determining if the task occurs off hours, which leads to scheduling resources for deployments, particularly if some tasks are scheduled to occur over night, which many of mine do. "Task Duration" is simply not enough info for most of the above, which pushes me back to MS Project kicking and screaming.