Plotting Time on Y axis


I am trying to plot how a plan finish date changes over time. I have tried to graph this in smartsheet but I keep getting an error. Overall, I am attempting to have a graph similar to what I have plotted in excel (the X axis being the week recorded and Y axis being the plan finish date shown for that week)

The table I have is formatted like this which is what I am trying to replicate in smart sheet. Any ideas for plotting this?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @lgood

    There currently isn't a way to use Dates as values to map on a graph; you would need to have some sort of numerical data in order for the chart to know where to place the line.

    Instead of using Dates, what about using the number of days since the project started?

    For example, if you had the original Finish Date, you could then see the days between the original finish date and the next dates listed:

    The formula for each Week column is simply the [Week 1 Date]@row - [Original End Date]@row

    This will create a number. Then you can use the number portion of this data to create charts: