Why is Dynamic View adding quotation marks to drop down selections?

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I noticed that quotation marks are appearing around particular dropdown selections w/in dynamic view, that are not present on the master sheet. other dropdowns in the same column do not have them. Why would this be the case, and how do I fix {since they are not present in the drop downs} ?


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  • Genevieve P.
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    Hi @Rick_Bailey and @christina.paz

    I've tested using a multi-select field in Dynamic View and was able to determine why this is happening (thank you for the screen capture, Christina!)

    Quotation marks will appear in the View in Dynamic View if the single multi-select value has a comma in the text. The quotes in Dynamic View are there to show that the string is all one value, since the formatting in the View Display uses commas to separate the multi-select values.

    For example, see how in my second row I have two Values selected, which are then parsed out with a Comma in the view.

    However as soon as I have one multi-select value that contains a comma within the text, the View display shows it with quotes to group that text together.

    The Details tab should show your multi-select values as individual values in grey squares:

    If you don't want quotes to appear in the page view, I would suggest using a different separator in your value... perhaps a - or / instead?

    Let me know if updating your formatting has resolved the issue or not!