Group by column, or type? Simple grouping process?

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I am coming from the world of Airtable that allowed us to easily (or automate) our grouping by a specific column or category. I have work tirelessly to recreate that in Smartsheet and am surprised to find out, it is not a feature.

I then looked online to see its been an issue for people since 2017 but no updates since?

If I filter, it does just that, removes information. I simply want to just categorize and group tasks based on Task type, or even who they are assigned to. In Airtable, after a forms submission it automatically categorized the request underneath the correct group. It would then have subgroups. Here is an example of a grouping break down

--Region (US, EMEA, etc. etc)

----- Location (NY, SF, UK)

--------Task Type (Marketing, Design, etc, etc)

------------Status (In progress, Not yet started)

So the collapsed view of the sheet would just be regions, but then you could expand the regions to see all tasks.

And if I wanted to, I could easily edit the grouping capabilities to group by location, or by task type. I just don't see that capability in Smartsheet? Am I missing something?

I'd love to read if anyone has any comparable workarounds to achieve this. I am more than happy to put in the work to create this as it is our companies platform, but if not I just don't see this as being viable long term if I cant. Way too much manual input for my liking.

Thanks for any insight into the issue.

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