Editing Jira connector someone else has created

Hi. Is it possible for someone to edit a Jira Connection that someone has created if both people have Admin rights on the workspace the sheet and Connection is in, plus they both have access to Jira issues.

I have a team member who wants to be able to edit a Jira Connection I have made but she does not seem to be able to edit mine although she can create her own.


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Caroline_Grimm3r

    Only the Owner of the Jira workflow can edit that specific workflow; this means that you can edit your connection but your teammate will not be able to.

    Please let the Product team know about your feature request and feedback by filling in this form, here.



  • Thanks for the feedback. I will complete the feedback form as I think this creates 'succession' risk. ie) if I leave my place of work, no one else is able to edit my Jira workflow even it the sheet it updates is used by others.

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  • Jue
    Jue ✭✭

    Caroline has my full support, setting up the system like this is utterly unprofessional and shows that the designer has no clue whatsoever on how a living organization works and evolves.

    The mere fact that Caroline's message was posted in Feb 2022, and now, almost 1.5 years later this mayor flaw is still not solved.

    Very disappointing, I'd even say ridiculous.