Sheet unavailable



I am experiencing trouble with one specific sheet from my workspace.

It says "an error ocurred in smartheet" and asks to log out and in. I already did that with no success.

I also contacted support but still got no response.

Have you experienced something like that?


  • Genevieve P.

    Hi @datacon

    There are a number of potential reasons why a sheet may be unable to open.

    The first thing I would test is to see if this could be Browser or Network related; please try opening the sheet in a different browser, or on Incognito. Please also try disabling any extensions from your browser to see if this helps. See - Issue: Smartsheet Is Continuously Loading, Not Responding, or Not Displaying Certain Items

    If you are able to gain access to the sheet on a different browser or network, I would check the complexity of the sheet to see if perhaps Smartsheet may have been timing out due to the data stored in that sheet. Here's an article that goes through what to check for in regards to sheet complexity: Issue: My sheet is slow to load

    If neither of this has helped, please continue to work with Support as they will be able to troubleshoot with you in a private channel where you can share the specific sheet URL and the emails of all users who have attempted to access it.



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