Can a calendar view of a report reflect the formatting/formating of the underlying sheet or report

Hello everyone!!

We use a sheet to schedule staff for events.

We have about 30 to 50 of those folks. We use the update request for them to accept or not.

We are in a fast-paced industry where things change often and rapidly. To help them continuously see where they stand, I have built a report for each person. I then have scheduled that report to be emailed every two weeks and it includes the published link to that report for them to bookmark and look into the system at any time. Everything works great except...


If by accident the person hits the calendar view on the report. That does not reflect the proper information. See images.

We played around with any dates that are cancelled to be moved to another sheet. That adds confusion because people start to question their own memory. We have found when we give them all the information it keeps them organized.

Can the calendar view of the report reflect the formatting of the underlying sheet or report?

Thank you in advance!!

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    Hi @Joseph Farahat

    In Calendar View, the Task Bar is the colour of the bar shown in the square.

    This means you'll need to adjust the colour of the Task Bar in your Conditional Formatting rules. The other formatting will only apply to the cell in the Grid View:




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