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I think I know the answer to this but I thought I'd ask anyway: is it possible to build a read-only report where the user can filter or select criteria on the fly? For example: if I'm posting a report of deposits by day, is there a way for the user of the report to say "show me deposits from the last x number of days" or "deposits between 2 dates"? Assuming, of course, "deposit date" is a field.

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    Yes, there is!

    I have several reports out there where users can select a date or date range, or enter a Product number to get product information, but not affect anything else.

    What I do is build a sheet to collect my data, with all the formulas that need that date range or product number referencing some specific cells near the top of the sheet. So for example, StartDate$1, EndDate$1, ProductNumber$2, etc.

    Then I lock the remaining rows and columns, so that only Admins and the sheet owner can change them. I create the report, and the users see the place to put their criteria, save, and refresh.

    Here you can see everything in the underlying sheet is locked, except for [Lookup Date]3:

    This one is reporting data from three underlying data collection sheets, so our supply chain admin puts the product SKU she's looking up data for on these three lines. Only rows 1-3 in the Material column are unlocked, each comes from the top line of an underlying sheet.


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