How to create a dashboard of KPI from sheets and reports

Hi -

I am trying to create a monthly, quarterly and annual view of a KPI Dashboard to visually show the information I have in a Sheet. I have checkboxes to tell me which Dashboard the metric will need to be in. I know I need to likely make some reports in order to get the widgets to work correctly but I am having trouble figuring it out.

Right now I have a sheet with all of the metrics in the left most column (see screenshot below). With the metrics I sometimes have header names and then the values. I want to be able to create a chart with the Metric and the values for the correct month. Right now I am working on March.

Say I wanted to create a pie chart (I know that isn't the correct for this data but I am using that view in another part). How do I do this and have the titles pull in? They're coming in as series. And is there a way to have it automatically update monthly?

I am not sure if I am making sense but this seems like a straightforward use case and I can't figure it out.

Would appreciate any help or being directed to any tutorials. Thanks!


  • Julio S.
    Julio S. Moderator

    Hi @kmarks

    From what you explain it seems that you'd like to build monthly, quarterly and annual charts based on each metric. From the data you have supplied, this should be possible by creating a Chart Widget within your Dashboard and making sure to select the relevant data to be accounted for (Data Source). You may also consult this article for more information on how to add and edit Widgets to your Dashboard. 

    In my example below I'm selecting data from March and April (note the gray background in the selected data) to build a Column Chart: 

    Note that selecting more columns to the right of your selection to build the chart will add additional Columns to this specific Chart such as yearly and quarterly data as needed. this process can be followed for as many Charts you would need to build. 

    I hope this can offer some insights on how to build your Charts based on your metric sheet data.