Dynamic View Details Pane not allowing for entry

Jacob Merritt
Jacob Merritt ✭✭
edited 06/14/22 in Add Ons and Integrations


I have been working to set up a Smartsheet Dynamic View for as a way to receive requests from partners outside of my team. Some the things being tracked there are a few dates pictured below. One of the fields does not allow to be edited in the Dynamic view despite having the same settings as other date fields that seem to work. Does anyone have experience with troubleshooting this? I have attached some of the images to show the issue. Additionally, within the grid that is referenced, both fields are set to date type and restricted to date but I do not think that plays a role with this problem.

The view of the detail pane allows for the editing of "Online Assortment Date" but not for "On-Air Assortment (Priority) Date":

Field Properties for "On-Air Assortment (Priority) Date" (This one does not work):

Field Properties for "Online Assortment Date" (This one works):