Calculating 180 days from specific Date column



I am trying to calculate 180 days from a date column titled "Hire Date". What does that formula look like? I have tried:

=[Source Data Cell] + [Desired Number of Calendar Days]

=[Hire Date] + [180]

=[Hire Date] + [180 Days]

None of those work :/


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  • Summer
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    @Jordan Ionita

    It's been a long day for me. I see the error.

    We were not telling the formula which cell.

    =[Hire Date]@row + 180

    We previously had just [Hire Date] which told the formula which column but neglected to specify the cell.

    @row tells the formula which cell to look at. So we want it to look at the Hire Date column and the cell in the same row as the formula.


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