Can Global Updates populate specific cells in a sheet and deploy reports to a subfolder?


Hi all,

I'm trying to deploy some global updates and having a couple issues. I've added a new field to a template and populated specific cells in a range of 5 rows, which all have different values. I'm not sure if I can populate those cells; it appears I can only populate 1 value all the way down the column.

In addition, I am trying to see if I can deploy a report to a subfolder in existing workspaces, but it appears its only at the root.

Can someone help me out on these 2 items? Thanks!!


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @summetg

    For your first question, what type of Update are you selecting? Are these cells that you've entered Profile Data that you're looking to add to the summary sheets?

    It would be helpful to see screen captures of your set-up, but please block out sensitive data. Here's more information on each of the Global Update types and what you can achieve with each one: Smartsheet Control Center: Make Global Updates to Your Projects

    For your second question, there currently isn't a way to add a new report to a sub-folder, it will be created at the top-level folder. Please provide your feedback to the Product team, here!



  • summetg
    summetg ✭✭

    Hi Genevieve - I ended up completing the deployment manually, but thanks confirming that I cannot deploy reports to a subfolder.

    I reviewed the article in more detail and found the "Advanced Find/Replace" article. In my situation, I did not have a string value as everything in this new column was new. If i was to compare this to an MS Excel situation, it would be having control centre update a theoretical cell (i.e. K27) and insert a value on all sheets using the template.

    I won't needing it now, but maybe it also is a feature request.