Activity Completion / Critical Path -

Hello everyone,

I have a very basic question, but the solution doesn't seem to present itself to me directly.

Question - How do you best signify that an activity is completed within your sheet? Is there a way to minimize the bar shown in the Gantt chart without labeling a duration as 0?

Currently, I have conditional formatting applied (Not Started - Red, In Progress - Yellow, & Completed - Green) that highlights rows to emphasize their current status. I do have a % Complete column as well, but have not linked any formatting to that column.

Recently, I added a critical path filter to isolate tasks associated with the critical path.

My problem is that even after activities are completed, the red critical bath bar is still observed (the row is just highlighted in green). See attached picture below, green = completed activity but the red critical path bar is still displayed.

If I change the duration to 0 (like a milestone), my project dates will all adjust and not reflect the current state.

How do other users signify tasks have been completed? Is there a way avoid having completed tasks populate on the Gantt chart's critical path / critical path filter?

Note - I apologize that my questions isn't articulated well / concise. Having a difficult time conveying my situation appropriately.

Thank you,