Contact in my organization dont show


I have a form that whenever i try to write down the email that should receive the notification. the email doesn show up. i tried couple of people in my organization, and nothing show up too

is there an issue ? or they have to have account in order for their email to show


  • Sandra Guzman
    Sandra Guzman ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @zahrah ,

    Ok.. so you started your statement referring to a form. If you are filling in a form that requires you to input an e-mail address, you should be able to do that and have it save to the sheet that is pulling in the form details.

    If you are trying to use automation to send out e-mails, then you may likely need to check the automation permission settings. You can find more by clicking on the link below:

    Basically you can go into manage workflow and click on "Change your permission settings." You will likely be defaulted to "Restricted" which only sends out to users shared to the sheet. You can set the permission to "unrestricted" that will send out to any email.

    Hope that helps.