Lookup() returning #NO MATCH when it is definitely there

I have created a new sheet to store the priority values of my ticketing system so if I change the values I don't need to change all the formulas on my main sheet. It's used to determine when to set the due date. It works fine for Low and normal, when I change the values it changes the due date correctly, but when I select "High" it says #NO MATCH. I have checked that there is no spaces at that they are both identical. I just can't see where I'm going wrong. Here's some screenshots

Any ideas would be really helpful.


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  • Awesomas
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    Thank you @Andrée Starå and @Kelly Moore for you answers. @Kelly Moore I will keep your solution in mind for another problem, thanks. I found the Lookup() function on the Smartsheet formula examples (not sure who created this). It is a good reference but probably didn't serve me well this time. Is this a legacy formula that was replaced by VLOOKUP()? I used this example because I thought I didn't need to tell it to (exact) match false/true.

    In the end, all I needed to do was put false in at the end of the formula (strange) to force an exact match. Both versions below worked.

    "=VLOOKUP(Priority@row, {SLA Def}, 2, false) + Created@row"

    "=LOOKUP(Priority@row, {SLA Def}, 2, false) + Created@row"

    I have replaced my formulas to be the VLOOKUP version

    Again Thank you both for your help.


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