Last week / This week / Next week tasks report and graph



I have 2 questions:

1/ I would like a report to show Last week / this week and next week tasks ? How can I do that?

The tasks are available in the project plan.

2/ I would like to create a graph to show from the project plan:

What is the % of milestones that have the status: Complete / In Progress / To be started?

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  • David Tutwiler
    David Tutwiler Overachievers Alumni

    For #1, you would want to create a filter on your report that has the date ranges you want to display. For instance, for your Last Week report, you would want to set the filter to the date of your task and only bring in values that are "In The Last" 7 "days". This is a builtin feature in reports that you can find after you select the column you want to filter by. Select the dropdown that (I think) defaults to equals and "In the Last (days)" should be an option. You would then change this to "In the Next (days)" for this week and next week, etc.

    For #2, I would suggest creating a separate metrics sheet. You would then write formulas to look back at your source sheet and find counts of the milestone tasks based on completion percentage. You could also do this with the Sheet Summary fields and then display a Sheet Summary report on your dashboard. The formula would look for all milestone tasks (tasks with a 0 day duration) whose status is Complete, In Progress, To Be Started, etc. Something like the following, where Range 1 = Duration column and Range 2 = Status column:

    =COUNTIFS({Range 1}, 0, {Range 2}, "Complete")