"Alert Someone" Send to Contacts in a Cell NOT WORKING/Send to Specific People WORKING

I've ensured that all permissions everywhere are unrestricted.

I've tried multiple emails in the contact cell, users with accounts, users without accounts internal to my organization, and users without accounts external to my organization.

I have two actions, both "Alert Someone".

Alert Someone "Send to contacts in a cell" - Email Adress Column Correctly Formatted

Alert Someone "Send to specific people" - SmartSheet Admin (Me)

I get the alert, but no one I've tested including myself using "Send contacts in a cell" is working.



  • Nel C
    Nel C ✭✭✭

    I just encountered the same problem.

    I have a contacts column named "Stakeholders" (which allows multiple contacts). This field is populated via a smartsheet field.

    When I create a new child row, I have another contacts column (also set to allow multiple contacts) called "Stakeholders (calc)" . I have a column formula copies the value of the Parent's "Stakeholders" field.

    When I change the status of the child row, I have an automation that is set up to send an Alert email to "contacts in a cell" and I have "stakeholders (calc) " field selected.

    Is it perhaps not working because I am selecting a field that:

    a) has multiple contacts allowed? AND/OR

    b) is populated via a column formula?

    LIke @Jessica L Thornburg , My automation with the same people works if I use "Alert Specific people" and select their account names.

    I did notice that this automation that is not working has the info " Some recipients may not get . change your permission settings. ( (I however, am the owner of the sheet, and I do not get a notification unless I use "Alert Specific people".

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Nel C

    Are your collaborators receiving a notification within the App at all (the bell icon), or are they missing both the in-app notification and the email?

    Would you be able to post a screen capture showing how the contacts appear after the formula, and copy/paste what the formula is?