Dashboard Metric Widget White Space


I'm working with a metric widget in a dashboard and I'd like to minimize the amount of white space that appears between the label and the data/information presented. If I make the widget narrower the white space decreases but then there isn't sufficient space or the information that needs to be presented. Is there any solution that anyone can come up with?



  • Gia Thinh
    Gia Thinh ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @MelAverkamp,

    As a work around solution, you can seperate your metric showing into 2 parts : one Rich text widget and one Metric widget as below. This allows us flexibility in customization.

    In the Rich text widget, you can enter any information you want. In the Metric widget with a stacked layout, you can simply remove unnecessary information..

    Hope that helps.

    Gia Thinh Technology Co., LTD - Smartsheet Solution Partner.

  • MelAverkamp

    Hello, While this helps to eliminate the white space, the two widgets do not line up and it looks odd. Some of the pieces of information/text that I'm including are of varying length/number of lines so it would require me to edit ~15 dashboards every two weeks to align them manually so that they look proper.

    Here is what it looks like currently:

    The date should be at the bottom and I cannot figure out how to force the items in the right widget to be a certain size or in a certain location.

    Any additional advice? Possible other methods to represent these items?

    Thank you!