Rich Text Format in Sheet Cells

Edward Spencer
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edited 03/15/22 in Smartsheet Basics

We have been converting all our projects to Smartsheet and now have about 86 projects loaded. A big issue for us is, (I would like to know how many other people would want this) we have a column in our status reports that go to our VP's called "Status Comments". The VP's are used to seeing comments with bullet points, issues in red font, sub-headers in the comments in bold, etc. This is not possible in Smartsheet.

By the way, I am not advocating for every type field to be RTF. I would be fine if they added a new column field type called RTF Text. That way it could be added only where needed.

The issue is when the company requires fairly lengthy status comments not having RTF makes the text difficult to read quickly to find what you want. Plus, they had this in the previous method of reporting, so for them this looks like a step backwards.

I have put in enhancement requests but have heard nothing. If having RTF in comments is something you would like to see, then go out and put in an enhancement request for this.



  • I would absolutely second this. We've been using SmartSheet for lots of projects and have recently taken up a project for some pretty intensive government rulemaking. We collect submissions from the public, who use strikethroughs and underlines to propose amendments. The fact that we can't have multiple types of rich text per cell make it nearly impossible to use for this purpose.

    If we could get this feature added, either per sheet or per cell, it would be infinitely more flexible in terms of what we're wanting to use it for.

  • Upvote - Rich Text would be an amazing feature add.

  • Upvote - Absolutely!

  • I use SS for task management. Each task is an ask for information but I can't have people enter their response in a column because of the lack of rich text. I know we have the "comments" but comments are not downloadable. I would love for SS to add rich text.