bug?- level is changed automatically in Card View Mobile..



first set level to level1 in card view mobile.. after add subtask.. level depth has changed from level1 to level2

Below images is my workflow sequence..

1.✔️after set level to level1(red number 1), press Add subtask(blue text A)

2.✔️after input subtask(blue text B), press SAVE

3.wrong result(result: A)/reason is that level1 is changed to level2 automatically (red number 2)

4.⭕️expected result (below result: A-1 & red number 2-1)

after upper wrong result(upper image Result:A & red number 2), I changed level2 to level1 manually, and below is result..

Why level is changed automatically? Is This bug?

help me.. thank you

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