What us the maximum number of forms one could make for a sheet?

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Hey team,

I know this is an odd question so just some background info. I work for a major retailer and we're utilizing Smartsheets to collect driver info for accountability at our truck gates. It's not ideal because this program isn't necessarily intended for this function. We've connected this to our main database and are exporting the data daily (~5k to 7k entries in current state). In creating the form, I created a generic intake but am being asked to create forms for specific sites to reduce tack times on intake. This reduces workload by about 10 seconds as we have 130 facilities (not adequate for radio buttons so we have to use the dropdown function). My question for this reason is how many forms can one sheet have? I'm not trying to 'break' this sheet so I'm looking to see if someone could give an answer. We're using this while we develop the main application so it's not a permanent solution by any means but just curious before I go any further. At this point I can't add or take away any columns so that's not an option either since the table is created in our main database without having to scrap and start over. Any insight would be appreciated.




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    I don't have an answer to the question, but I can offer a solution if there is a max and you hit the max:

    Let's say the max is 100, and you need to exceed that in Sheet A. You can create Sheet B, with its own forms, and you create a workflow on Sheet B that moves new entries to Sheet A. Super straightforward.

    Sheet B will always be empty. I use this method and I create another workflow in Sheet B that alerts me if a record gets stranded on Sheet B.

  • Brian122

    Yeah I considered that. The issue being that duplicating a form versus creating a totally separate sheet, with the automations, and the new form, are two entirely different workloads. I can create the forms in a a drastically reduced to as to where the duplicate sheets is going to take a while. My leadership team is looking for an immediate solve short term as the goal is to do exactly what you're saying. I appreciate the answer.

  • Paul H
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    You can give each site a different link to the same form with some preset values