Report based on all "like named" sheets in a Workspace


I am using SmartSheet to manage our projects in a "Projects" workspace.

Each project has its own folder with a few sheets. All the sheets are named the same one of which is "Project Plan" each Project Plan has an "Assigned To Person" column. New project gets a folder in this Projects Workspace with all the same sheets.

I'm trying to create a Resources report of "Assigned To Person" using all existing (and future) Project Plan Sheets in the Workspace. Something like which projects are they on, statuses, start date etc. All columns are on all sheets



  • Mark Safran
    Mark Safran ✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Detrie Zacharias

    When creating a new report, you can actually just select the checkbox next to the entire "Projects" workspace and it will pull in all of the sheets that live in there (whether directly, or in nested project specific folders). We have the exact same setup as you - see screenshot here:

    Yes, this will techically pull from all of the sheet templates within each project (not just your "Project Plan" one), but as you go on to select your columns, just choose the columns that are on that "Project Plan" sheet template, and that's the only data you'll see. The rest of the filtering criteria is the same as any other single-sheet report you'd typically run.

    We have a bunch of these "entire workspace" reports, and while the total sheet count is pretty high (I know 800+ in my screenshot above is significantly more than what most folks recommend) it's worked without issue for us for the last 3+ years.