Duplicate records


I’m working with HR on getting employee onboarding, offboarding and status changes processes streamlined. Currently they are using separate smartsheets for onboarding, offboarding and employee status changes. Recently HR is planning to combining all three and put it into one sheet. They want HR to enter information using Webform. They claim the webform won’t create duplicate records however it will create one record per employee.

my understanding is web forms create a new row each time when submit is hit. If HR fills two fields and hit submit. Then they again open the form and fill remaining 3 fields, this will create a new row- duplicate record.

How’s HR saying duplicate records won’t be created as form has been created in such a way. Not sure how’s that possible?


  • Gia Thinh
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    edited 03/22/22

    Hi @Harpreet ,

    I think your understanding is right for the way webform works. Webforms are used to create new records in a sheet.

    But there's another form called update request form which is used to update information in an existing row. This update request form can be sent to users by automation workflow or manually.

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