Report with two sheets and specific columns (one of which is a drop down) - trying to group



I'm trying to build a report from two sheets. Sheet 1 I would like to pull in individual dropdown values (4) from a column titled "Audience Category". Sheet 2 I would like to pull in "Stakeholder Name" that aligns with 1 or more of the values in audience category.

My thought was to group by individual audience category. As an example, I have 4 values right now in audience category that can be selected, let's call those A, B, C, D, I'd like to break down the grouping by each, so I have a group for A, a group for B, etc... Then, I would like to pull in the stakeholder name that is associated with each group (stakeholder name could be associated with 1 or more groups).

So, trying to see something like this in a report:

Group A




Group B




I think the issue may be that one of the columns has drop down values, which I need to separate in the report.

Any thoughts or guidance would be very much appreciated!


Dee Dee