New! View your reports in card view.

Hi Community, 

We're happy to announce that you can use card view in not just your sheets, but also your reports. Card view gives you quick and actionable insight into the status of work across all your projects by visualizing tasks as cards that can be dragged and dropped across lanes. 

Now, with card view in reports, you can combine your project sheets into one report, then view in card view to quickly answer questions like:

  • Which tasks are high priority?
  • How many issues are in the Implementation stage?
  • Which designer has the most requests?

You can also stack rank cards! Align the whole team on priority by dragging cards within a lane to save card ranking. Surface your most pressing work at the top of each lane – without affecting the order of the underlying data in grid view. 

Pro tip: card ranking is saved per View By: breakout, so you can customize each view to your needs. 

Card view in reports is available to users on Pro, Business, and Enterprise plans; collaborators can view reports in card view. Get started by opening a report and changing the view type to Card View. Learn more.

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Allegra Silcox