Archive row when workflow on another sheet completes

I have three sheets - Sheet A, Sheet B, and Sheet C.

Sheet A receives responses from a form. Sheet B receives the data from these responses after some massaging happens on Sheet C.

Sheet C is set up with an INDEX/MATCH system to match the data in the first row of Sheet A. There are some additional formulas being used to split apart a comma separated list into individual rows. Once that's been completed, I have Zapier updating a cell to trigger a Move Row workflow to move the split rows to Sheet B. Once my Move Row workflow is complete, I would need to archive the row on Sheet A. This archive can only happen after the Move Row workflow is complete, or the data being moved will be incorrect.

Any ideas on the best way to set this up? I've thought about adding a workflow on Sheet A to archive a row when a new row is added, but I have no way to guarantee the data has made it to Sheet B before another row is submitted. Sometimes it takes up to five minutes for all the movements/calculations to happen before the data makes it to Sheet B.

I feel like there's a really obvious solution that I'm missing, so please help!


  • David Tutwiler
    David Tutwiler Overachievers Alumni

    Is there a way to set up an Index/Match from Sheet A to Sheet B on a new "Ready to Archive" checkbox column on Sheet B?

    So the idea would be that when you have all the data you either create a workflow to automatically check the "Ready to Archive" checkbox on B, or check it manually. Once that is checked, then the checkbox on A would update to checked due to the Index/Match lookup, and then your automation on Sheet A could run the archive process based on that local checkbox.