can I filter on a name field where the value contains more than one text string?

Using the salesforce connector workflow I wish to filter where team member name contains 'Fred', Bill', "florence'

I see that I cannot create separate OR conditions as AND appears the only option.

So can I achieve the same result another way?


  • David Tutwiler
    David Tutwiler Overachievers Alumni

    I may be misunderstanding the question, but would this work? Here I assume the row name is [Row Name] but you can change that to what the actual row name is to test.

    =IF(OR([Row Name]@row = "Fred", [Row Name]@row = "Bill", [Row Name]@row = "Florence"), true, false)

  • sorry. my question is perhaps not clear. I am using a workflow connector from Salesforce and trying to limit the rows returned by the query to Smartsheet. I want to filter on a field (Team Member Name) and return rows to Smartsheet where the contents of the salesforce field match one of a number of names.

  • David Tutwiler
    David Tutwiler Overachievers Alumni

    Ah, I understand.

    Can you select "Includes on or More" and then select which names you want to pull across?

  • There is a 'contains' option but you cannot then select names. Instead you are offered a text field. I can enter one name fine but all my attempts to multiple name using formats like ('Fred', Jim', 'Alice') are returning syntax type errors. I have tried other things like 'Jim' OR 'Fred' etc

    Perhaps it is just limited. I can't even create a separate filter option for each name as they are all 'AND''d together with no option to use the OR boolean function

  • David Tutwiler
    David Tutwiler Overachievers Alumni

    I think it has to do with the Field Type in Salesforce. If it is a Picklist, you might be able to pick options. If it is a text field, you might be limited.

    I would reach out to your Smartsheet rep for help.