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TLDR; I want smartsheet to create and standard document and have it sent to an email address every time a certain row changes to a new status. Is this possible?

TL; I own a wholesale plumbing supply company. We have a large material (water heater, etc) consignment program where we'll place material in our customer's warehouse for free and bill them once it get's used. We use smartsheet to help us track what material is in whose warehouse across several customers.

Right now, the customer can change the status of a smartsheet row to update that the material has been used, which notifies us via email and slack to invoice them for that unit and ship out a new consignment unit. The problem is it still requires a lot of manual input to create the new shipment even though it's the exact same thing every time.

I want to figure out how I can get a standard document created/emailed to my orders desk when the status is updated. Once it hits my email inbox, I can use integromat to figure out the rest, just need to get to that point.

Is this possible?


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    Hi @hack_gibson

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    You could do it with a 3rd-party integration like Zapier. Is that an option? I also think that it might be possible with Integromat and another service.

    Why does it have to be a document if you're using Integromat?

    How would you use Integromat?

    I hope that helps!

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