editing across sheets for text consistency

Hi all,

I'm not even sure what to ask for, other than help. I have three key sheets that contain many of the same fields. I've (finally) figured out the Index Match formula to pull matching field in from another sheet (there was much rejoicing!) but now am needing to be able to edit the info. Is there a way to do that without having to go back to the original sheet? For instance, the source sheets are Applications and awarded; the field to match is Project Name on the Awarded sheet. I'm hoping to be able to edit the Project Name on the Awarded so that it updates on Applications.

Here is the formula I used for the index match:

=INDEX({Applications Range 1}, MATCH([Grant #]@row, {Applications Range 4}, 0))

Once I get this down, there is a third sheet to incorporate...

Thank you to anyone who even understands what I'm asking, and extra thanks if you have a solution!

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