Adding an Amount from a Prior Week


I am currently trying to get a sum from two values. One of the values is from the most recent Sunday, and the other is the Sunday prior to the most recent one. I need to find the difference of them for a calculation I am using in another column. I am not sure of how to call upon the prior Sunday's value. I do have dates associated also. My idea was to have an If function that calls upon the column to check if it is sunday. Then to sum up the most recent week's value with the prior weeks, by using the Date column to do (Date@row-7) to get to the correct row. My issue now is how do I call upon the value column after that. Below is the formula I currently have. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

=if([Choose the Day]@row = "Sunday", sum([Body Fat Percentage]@row,(Date@row-7 ?????

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