Populating 1 Cell from Multiple Cells within the Same Row

I'm trying to have a formula populate 1 cell, based on the responses in 6 columns in that same row.

If any of the 6 columns are blank OR have "No Scope", nothing should be displayed in the "Scopes" column for that particular scope. Otherwise, if there is text in any of those columns in that row, the "Scopes" column should display certain text. I currently have it as a dropdown selection and can get the formula working one off, but as soon as I start adding the others I get #unparsable or #incorrect argument.

I have tried IF/OR , JOIN/COLLECT

Current formula attempt:

=IF(OR(B@row = "", B@row = "No Scope"), "", "B Scope", IF(OR(C@row = "", C@row = "No Scope"), "", "C Scope", IF(OR(D@row = "", D@row = "No Scope"), "", "D Scope", IF(OR(E@row = "", E@row = "No Scope"), "", "E Scope", IF(OR(F@row = "", F@row = "No Scope"), "", "F Scope")))))

The first row in the below screenshot is what it should like return for that particular example. Nothing for A or B, but something for the others.

Really appreciate any guidance!