Need to retrieve sheets from Project Management Office Template Set



I downloaded the Template Set - Project Management Office and have been actively working in it and noticed that I accidentally changed a few formulas or settings from sheets. Therefore, I wanted to download a new PMO set to cross-reference, but it won't allow me to...I receive the error message below.

The suggested solution would not work in my case because I need a brand spanking new template set. Please advise if there's a way around this without deleting my existing template set. However, if I do delete it, will it allow me to redownload?

Thank you in advance. 😃


  • Intern98
    Intern98 ✭✭✭

    Hi there are solutions to this.

    First, you can try renaming the folder and try downloading a new template,

    Else, you can explore the activity log on the top left 'File' option and check on the cells that had been changed and revert it back accordingly.

    Lastly, you can delete the entire folder and download the template again.