Formula to Return 3 Different Answers Based On Cell Value



I am trying to create a formula that returns 1 of 3 answers based on the value of the selected cell. Right now I have it set up to show me Complete/Incomplete based on the number 4 being in a column, but it would be more useful for me to see "In Progress" for cells that have a 1, 2, or 3 in them. My current formula is =IF([Count IF Functions]1 = "4", "Complete", "Incomplete")

Any tips on how to achieve this would be appreciated! :)


1-3="In progress"



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  • Leslie Merlino
    Answer ✓

    You are on the right track, you just need to nest some IF functions. Try this:

    =IF([Count IF Functions]@row = 4, "Complete", IF(AND([Count IF Functions]@row < 4, [Count IF Functions]@row > 0), "In Progress", "Incomplete"))


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