Active & Inactive Project Rows

Is there a way to make certain project rows active or inactive, so the date or % complete doesn't get calculated into the parent row? I've found a ways to use formulas to achieve this, but was curious if there's a more simple way to do this.

I realize you can just delete the row if it's no longer needed. However there might be tasks/milestones that are deemed out-of-scope, but we don't necessarily want to delete. Just check off as "inactive", so we have a record of it.

Right now, this is how I'm accomplishing this.

1) Create a "Count" column and add the formula below for each child row: =COUNTIF(Active@row, 1)

2) Add the following formula below for the parent rows: =SUM(CHILDREN())

3) Add the following formula to the parent rows for the % completed: =SUM(CHILDREN()) / Count@row


  • Katy H
    Katy H ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Unfortunately, if you have project settings turned on, which you likely do if you are automatically calculating percent complete then you cannot make adjustments to this calculation. You can do something similar to what you are doing now to calculate percent complete. The project settings percent complete is weighted based on task duration, so if you want to account for that you would need to incorporate the weighting.

    Katy Hall

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