Returning the Last Value that Meets a Certain Criteria



I will try to explain this the best I can.

I have a column that has an employee's name in it, and another column that stores a value of points that they obtained for a certain day. My issue I am having right now, is that I have their total points keep adding when their name is on the row. If their name isn't in that row, then it shows their total value of points as 0 until their name comes around again. Example:

Name: George Date: 1/21/22 Points:5 George:5 Hector:0

Name: Hector Date: 1/22/22 Points:5 George: 0 Hector: 5

Name: George Date 1/23/22 Points:5 George:10 Hector 0

Is there a way that I can have it so that it keeps track of latest points the person had, regardless of whose name is on the line? Making it So that for the Date of 1/22/22 & 1/23/22 should look like:

1/22/22: George:5 Hector:5

1/23/22: George:10 Hector:5

This would be greatly appreciated.



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