Project Management by Project Week


We use Smartsheet to manage projects that extend for long periods of time. We would like to set our start dates/due dates by the lifecycle of the project, not necessarily by a hard date. For example, we would like to set Onboarding to finish in Week 3, based on the start date of the individual project.

We have tried to use WEEKNUMBER conversions, but this break down when the project crosses the new year.

Does anyone have a process for assigning project weeks that can be used for things like Gantt view, cards, etc. and utilize all of the great project management features that are native within Smartsheet?



  • Julio S.
    Julio S. Moderator

    Hi @AFlint,

    From what you explain, it sounds like you'd like to automatically set project start and/or finish dates based on week numbers and not hard dates. The dependencies functionality doesn't currently include this option but when you have a moment, please let our Product team know about your feedback by filling in this form, here. Thank you!

    As you mention, the best approach to return a week number based of a given date would be the WEEKNUMBER Function. Note that the use of dependencies won't allow adding formulas to the Start or Finish values and you would either need to disable dependencies or use other columns not being used by this functionality.

    If adjusting your formulas with the year change is not an option and you'd like to see if they can be improved in any way, please make sure to include screenshots of your project sheet (please be mindful of removing or hiding any confidential data in it) and expand a little on how the intended calculations should work.

    I hope this can offer some insights.