Sending Rows Monthly to Individuals w/o Underlying Sheet Access


Hey y'all -

I'm looking to set up a sustainable option, probably a workflow, to send row items to an individual for all entries they submitted in the past 30 days, without giving underlying access to the sheet. The specific use case here is this is a team wide hour reporting sheet, and we want to give folks visibility into the items they've submitted without sharing the entire population.

Right now the only solution I can think of is manually exporting, filtering, and sending via email or through a workflow, copying rows to another SmartSheet only one individual can access. The underlying Sheet will change frequently though as we nail down categories and our business does not have the Command Center functionality to allow for easy templating.

We do also allow for individuals to send their entries to themselves via the Form functionality when they enter time, but for anyone who doesn't remember to do that when submitting they're currently out of luck.

If anyone can suggest anything, I sure would appreciate it!