Calculated Column and NETWORKDAY - latency and wrong numbers



In one of my project, I have a calculated column (Duration) with the formula : =IFERROR(NETWORKDAY([Current Start Date]@row, [Current End Date]@row), 0).

When compiling sheets in a report, I saw that the number in the duration column were incorrect. They show the number of calendar days+1.

As you can see in the GIF, when you open the sheet, the calculation has a latency. The number are first incorrect, then correct after around 1s. My guess is that report shows the first number, right before the formula is updated.

In the GIF, you can see that everytime I open the sheet, the numbers are incorrect. Then the formula updates the numbers and I can save the sheet. If I refresh my page, the exact same thing happens.

It does not happend without the NETWORKDAY function. I guess this has something to do with this formula itself ?

I can't use Dependencies because I need formulas inside of the Date columns.

Do you have any idea ? Maybe you faced the same problem before ?




  • Kypeo
    Kypeo ✭✭✭

    After further investigation, it turns that that if I remove 3 others columns wich contains MATCH, DISTINCT and COLLECT functions, the latency disapears.

    I guess this has to do with some king of "calculation tree" that waits for other columns to refresh before updating the NETWORKDAY.

    The problem is that the number are just wrong, and populate reports...

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