Add sheet row comments/attachments via email


Community - Is there a way to generate a static reply email address to add comments/attachments to a specific sheet row via email? I know the @ function on comments will send a generated reply address to the person tagged, but it looks like after 5 responses the reply address becomes defunct and email attachments are not added to the row. Thank you


  • Tristan


    Have you taken a look into automation? You can use the Request Update action in automation to send an email to either a specific email address or an email in a cell. You can also limit their ability to make changes by clicking "Specific Fields" and only activating Comments and Attachments.

  • User123
    User123 ✭✭

    Tristan - Need is to stay up-to-date on email chains about a task's progress by adding emails to a sheet row as emails come in/go out. There is an Outlook plugin that does this, but the workflow requires a lot of clicking. Looking for a seamless solution (e.g., CCing a row specific email address to add the email's content to the row's comments/attachments section)

  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @User123

    I agree with Tristan, the Update Request type of workflow will allow users to open the form and see all historical comments for that row.

    The Outlook Add-In is the other solution. There may be third party applications (like Zapier) that can help automate Smartsheet actions, but in regards to Comments and Attachments I would say that Update Requests are your best option at this time.

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