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Hello, I am new to smart sheets. I have spent the last week trying to find a solution with no luck. I am sorry if I am asking a question that has been, probably, answered a slew of times.

I have a form built that collects data on visits to one of four locations.

"Activity Tracker" is the name of the sheet where the information is sourced from.

Hopkinton Activity Tracker is where we would like to extract Hopkinton specific numbers to.

In this form there are 4 possible locations that could be visited.

I want to be able to then split this data into 4 separate sheets based on location.

I would like for the information noted above to get pulled into the correct location sheet based on a single location criteria.

If location = Hopkinton, pull all the above data into the Hopkinton sheet

If location - Tokyo, pull all the Tokyo data into the Tokyo sheet.

Once in their respective sheets we would then use the metrics to figure out averages and trends.


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